An automobile’s suspension and steering is absolutely critical to the safety of the car. Ball joints and other suspension pivot points have a difficult job supporting your car over New Zealand’s various terrain. Suspension and steering obviously affect the way you are able to effectively handle your vehicle and keep yourself and others safe out there on the road.

Besides directing your vehicle where you want to go, your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems also serve to protect you from bumps and provide you with a smooth ride. It also prevents essential underside components from making contact with the road. Any number of things could go wrong or malfunction - from the steering box itself to the belt drive or power steering pump, or the hydraulic hose. Our experienced technicians can help you determine what is wrong quickly and get you back out there on the road.

Vehicle Suspension

If your car shudders when you go around corners or go over bumps - even when you are going slow - you may need to replace your shocks or struts. Regardless of whether your vehicle has a strut-based system that is generally found in front-wheel-drive automobiles or if your car or truck has shock absorbers, our expert mechanics will be able to repair the problem quickly and efficiently. No more bumpy rides!

Warning Signs of Suspension Problems:

   Vehicle pulls to one side while driving.
  You continue to bounce after hitting a pothole or bump.
   Loud noises such as knocking or clunking when you hit a hole in the road.
   Your car is taking longer to stop.
   Uneven or excessive tyre wear.
   Wet weather conditions may cause you to aquaplane.



Driving your vehicle should not involve an upper body workout. If your car veers to the side, when you are turning the wheel straight, you most likely have steering system issues. Another Orange’s state-of-the-art diagnostic tools will be able to diagnose the exact problem. Better yet, we’ll be able to repair your steering system so that you can keep your workouts limited to the gym.

As we all know, drivers must be able to respond swiftly to avoid a myriad of dangers on the road. In order to do this, your steering systems must be in impeccable order. Another Orange’s auto repair shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology, giving us the ability to detect and fix any issues with your steering and suspension immediately.

Warning Signs of Steering Issues:

   The steering wheel shudders or slips when you take turns.
  Excessive shaking of the steering wheel when braking or traveling at higher speeds.
   It takes a lot of effort to turn the steering wheel.
   The steering wheel drifts or makes loud screeching noises when you are making turns.

WoF inspections do not allow for testing shocks and suspension outright, so if you notice any of the warning signs above, don’t wait until the last minute… Bring your vehicle into Another Orange and allow our technicians to fix the problem.

Another Orange offers personalised service and has a solid reputation in the Auckland area for high-quality service and a quick turnaround. Our valued customers can drop their car off before their flight and their car will be ready on the same day that they return. Our highly-trained mechanics at Another Orange can work on any make or model of vehicle - which means you won’t have to go back to the dealer and pay a small fortune. We are located conveniently in Airport Oaks, near the Auckland Airport. We are MTA registered, an AA approved repairer and all of our work is guaranteed. We offer the same exact services as the auto repair franchises, without the big franchise prices. Our team takes pride in their work - which is why Another Orange is prepared to give you a 12 month or 20,000 kms (whichever occurs first) service and repairs warranty.