Automatic Transmission Services

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of its most important and structurally complicated parts. Its main job is to change the gears within the engine, convert speeds and ensure that your wheels convey the power and efficiency of your engine. Done at regular intervals, automatic transmission services will enhance the performance and lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle. Do yourself a favour and eliminate possible expensive repairs by ensuring that your car’s transmission receives the attention and service that it needs.

A transmission that runs on synthetic transmission fluid will require servicing every two years or 40,000 kms for superior performance. That being said, if you generally use your vehicle for towing heavy objects or loads, or if you regularly need to use four-wheel-drive, then it is a good idea to come in more often. We would also like to remind you that you should get the transmission flushed or change the transmission oil whenever you buy a vehicle.




Signs of a Failing Transmission

Leaking or Low Transmission Fluid

If you see transmission fluid on your driveway, you should schedule your car to be serviced immediately as a leaking transmission can cause extensive and expensive damage quite quickly.The majority of transmission fluid is a bright translucent pinkish red and it generally has a slightly sweet or tart odour.

Other than actually seeing a leak, you should keep an eye on your transmission fluid level, if you notice it is running low then it is almost always caused by a leak because unlike motor oil, transmission fluid does not evaporate or burn up during use. In fact, only 8-15 litres of transmission fluid is actually needed. It is a good idea to regularly check your car’s transmission fluid with the dipstick.


Delays in Take-Off

This is not only a maintenance problem, but also a major safety hazard. If you notice that your car’s engine will rev up but the car hesitates to move, this could indicate serious transmission problems. Your car should be able to shift easily into every gear so if you notice a delay, shuddering, lack of response, or difficulty reversing - you should definitely bring your vehicle in immediately so our knowledgeable team can have a look.

Odd Noises

Automatic transmissions tend to make a buzzing, humming or whining sound when they are malfunctioning. So along with the shuddering into gear, you will most likely hear odd noises coming from your vehicle as well. Manual transmissions will make a grinding noise. It is a good rule of thumb to always pay attention to the way your car sounds and if it makes any odd noises, you should have professionals inspect it for any mechanical problems.

Another Orange’s Transmission Service Plan

Our highly experienced mechanics will pay close attention to how well your vehicle changes gears, from the neutral start switch operation to its kick-down operation. We will remove the transmission pan and look carefully for any excess debris. The filter will be flushed and cleaned - or replaced if necessary. In addition to this our mechanics will do the following:

   Inspect the driveline and the universal joints.
  Replace the pan gasket.
   If need be, we will check and adjust the bands.
   The transmission fluid will be replaced with premium, high-grade synthetic fluid.
   We will also check for any freeplay in the clutch cable and make any necessary adjustments.
   Our mechanics will also road test your vehicle to ensure everything is working properly.

Another Orange offers personalised service and has a solid reputation in the Auckland area for high-quality service and a quick turnaround. Our valued customers can drop their car off before their flight and their car will be ready on the same day that they return. Our highly-trained mechanics at Another Orange can work on any make or model of vehicle - which means you won’t have to go back to the dealer and pay a small fortune. We are located conveniently in Airport Oaks, near the Auckland Airport. We are MTA registered, an AA approved repairer and all of our work is guaranteed. We offer the same exact services as the auto repair franchises, without the big franchise prices. Our team takes pride in their work - which is why Another Orange is prepared to give you a 12 month or 20,000 kms (whichever occurs first) service and repairs warranty.