Another Orange is Auckland's One-Stop Shop for all Certificate of Fitness (CoF), Repairs and Servicing Needs.

It is your responsibility to make sure your vehicle is up to CoF's safety standards - not just before your inspection - but at all times. If your vehicle is not up to par, you run the risk of having an accident and receiving a hefty fine. Our seasoned professionals, some of which are qualified CoF inspectors, consistently keep up to date with the latest CoF standards. 

What is the Difference Between CoF and WoF?

Essentially a CoF ensures that heavier vehicles; such as, motor homes, larger trailers, trucks, and commercial passenger vehicles like taxis, buses, shuttles, Uber and rental cars - are safe enough to drive on New Zealand's roads. If your vehicle is only used for personal purposes, then you need to come in for a CoF inspection every six months. For those who use their vehicles for commercial business; such as, passenger vehicles or those that are operating more than five heavy goods - the Operator Rating System (ORS) will determine how often they will require a CoF. Expiry dates for CoFS range from 3 to 12 months.

See below for a list of the parts of the vehicle that will be examined during a CoF inspection:

Fuel system
Structural condition (checking for rust, etc)
Safety belts
Glazing Windscreen wipers and washers
Speedometer Steering & Suspension
Exhaust system

another-orange-1-of-17It is important to note that a WoF inspection doesn’t cover everything! See below for a list of some of the things it does not examine:

 The condition of the brake pad unless it is clearly below the legal limits
 Differential Condition
 Lubricant Levels

Another Orange offers various service plans that will cover all of the items listed above. We've also gone one step further. If you are one of the many Auckland car owners and you absolutely hate shelling out money for a WoF, then you have come to the right auto shop!

Club Orange - Free WoFs for the Life of Your Car While you Own it.

Once you become a member of Club Orange, not only will you receive free WoF inspections, but you will also automatically be entered into monthly prize draw.There is a one-off joining fee of $46 and then you are entitled to free WoFs for as long as you own the car. For more details on Club Orange, or to check out the Terms and Conditions, please speak with any Another Orange team member. You can call us on 0508 ORANGE.

Another Orange offers personalised service and has a solid reputation in the Auckland area for high quality service and a quick turnaround. Our valued customers can drop their car off before their flight and their car will be ready on the same day that they return. Our highly-trained mechanics at Another Orange can work on any make or model of vehicle - which means you won’t have to go back to the dealer and pay a small fortune. We are located conveniently in Airport Oaks, near the Auckland Airport. We are MTA registered, an AA approved repairer and all of our work is guaranteed. We offer the same exact services as the auto repair franchises, without the big franchise prices. Our team takes pride in their work - which is why Another Orange is prepared to give you a 12 month or 20,000 kms (whichever occurs first) service and repairs warranty.